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Save Time & Money With the DL Series Plug

Ideal for sealing cross-drilled holes in aluminum manifolds that are used in transmissions, electric drive units, cooling systems, differentials, automotive or industrial hydraulic systems, pumps, engines, and medical devices.


Introducing the DL Series Plug*, a new generation of engineered expansion plugs developed to drive down the costs associated with manufacturing and excess weight in aluminum manifolds. The DL Series Plug is purposely designed to facilitate reliable automated installation and verification processes, allowing customers to reduce scrap and labor costs while improving the reliability of their production processes. The plug’s compact size also helps designers save space and weight in their manifolds.

*Patent Pending

Key Performance & Features
  • Uses Drive Locking® technology to permanently seal aluminum passageways 
  • Visually verify installation by operator or machine vision with the Installation Indicator feature
  • Easy-to-automate installation and verification processes
  • Rated pressure of 69 Bar (1000 psi) or higher depending on application requirements
  • Compact design helps to reduce manifold size and weight
  • Stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance and thermal properties
camera inspection

DL series plug overview

automation taken to the next level

Installation Verification With Our Drive Locking® Technology


The DL Series Plug uses our new Drive Locking technology to retain the plug and seal passageways for life without secondary retention methods or sealing aids. This locking end technology was developed to drive down the costs associated with installing metal products into aluminum housings by simplifying the installation and verification processes so they can easily be automated. Automating these processes improves reliability by removing any human errors and reducing labor costs.

Installation Verification

When using the DL Series Plug, there’s no need to second guess whether the part was installed properly. The plug’s locking end includes an Installation Indicator feature that allows customers to visually verify when the installation process is complete. When fully installed, the Installation Indicator feature will be in contact with the housing wall 360° around the part with no visible gaps. Proper installation can be visually inspected by an operator or machine vision can be used for high volume production.

Visually_Verify Illustration

Adding More Value and Reducing Costs

The DL Series Plug is purpose-built as a reliable plug design that seals aluminum passageways while adding as little cost to the manufacturing process as possible. With this goal in mind, we designed this product as a single piece to keep costs low. The plug also supports the no fault forward manufacturing principle with its Installation Indicator feature. Using this indicator, customers can tell if they had an issue with the installation at a glance and address it before adding more cost to a potentially faulty system.


Compact Design for Lightweighting

Having lightweight, reliable components available makes all the difference when designing next generation systems for the automotive and industrial markets. Needing to increase the envelope of your system to accommodate a simple plug adds to the overall cost of the manifold. With these challenges in mind, we optimized the DL Series Plug to be as compact as possible while still retaining exceptional reliability. 


dl series plug product data sheet

Get detailed information about the DL Series Plug including performance data, specifications, and dimensional drawings.


Industrial MicroHydraulics Handbook of Automotive and Industrial Solutions 

More than 300 pages of technical specifications, part numbers, installation information and useful engineering reference material.


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