Control solenoid Valves for Medical and Scientific Applications


Ideal for use in dialysis, apheresis systems, molecular diagnostics, respiratory therapy, environmental analyzers, breath analysis, patient simulators, and so much more.


When there’s zero room for error, choose a valve that Hits the mark every time.

If you need a reliable, high-performance control solenoid valve, The Lee Company has your solution. We’ve been supplying space-saving fluid control components for medical and scientific applications for decades.

Our family of control solenoid valves includes 2- and 3-port miniature solenoid valves to control the flow of air, gases, or mild liquids. And if you’re looking for high flow, low power, latching designs, low leakage, compact size, or quiet operation, we have a valve that will suit your design criteria.

3-PORT, 10 mm WIDTH

Genvi® HIgh flow Solenoid valves

genvi® LGV Series valves are 10 mm, 3-way control solenoid valves featuring high flow, low leakage, and ultra-low power consumption. They were designed using innovative manufacturing techniques that provide unmatched reliability at an economical price. With a flow capability of 200 Lohms (40 LPM minimum at 15 psig), power as low as 318 mW, and leakage less than 25 µLPM, genvi valves are ideal for high flow pneumatic applications flowing air or gas.

2-PORT & 3-PORT, 7 mm diameter

Conventional Solenoid Valves

LHD Series valves are compact, 7 mm control solenoid valves that offer superior performance across an extensive cycle life. With a flow capability of 450 Lohms (18 LPM minimum at 15 psig), power as low as 310 mW, and leakage less than 50 µLPM, these valves maximize performance without compromising reliability.

2-PORT & 3-PORT, 7 mm diameter

latching Solenoid Valves

LHL Series valves are compact, 7 mm magnetically latched control solenoid valves that feature ultra-low power consumption (as low as 5.5 mJ/switch) and low heat dissipation. Ideal for battery-powered instruments flowing air or gas, these valves require only momentary pulses (10-30 ms) of current to switch to and remain in each flow state. While being held in a specific flow state for an extended period of time, these valves don’t consume power, generate heat, or produce electrical noise. In addition, LHL Series valves provide reliable bi-stable switching performance in the smallest footprint possible.

3-PORT, 7 mm diameter

Quiet Operation Solenoid Valves

LHQ Series valves are compact, 7 mm quiet operation control solenoid valves that feature whisper technology to reduce actuation noise. When a typical solenoid valve is energized, there is an inherent clicking sound caused by the metal-to-metal contact of the moving armature and stationary core. With a low sound profile that is 50% quieter (≤ 30 dBA) than our already best-in-class LHD Series solenoid valve, this reliable design is ideal for bedside applications flowing air or gas.


Control Valves for PCR-Based molecular testing

This Tech Talk describes how The Lee Company’s extensive selection of miniature 2-port and 3-port control solenoid valves elevate PCR-based testing to the highest level of reliability and flexibility.


Latching Valves for Environmental Monitors

Learn how The Lee Company’s line of miniature LHL Series latching solenoid valves are uniquely suited for the rugged and extensive life of hand-held environmental monitors in this Tech Talk.


Control Valves for Metabolic Monitors

Learn why The Lee Company’s extensive offering of miniature 2-port and 3-port control valves are ideal for metabolic monitor designers looking for solenoid valves to feed sensors, mix gases, and vent to atmosphere.


Control Solenoid Valves Infographic

Download this infographic to learn more about The Lee Company’s control solenoid valves, including the genvi® and the Ultra-Miniature High Density Interface (HDI) solenoid valves. 


Control Solenoid Valves Brochure

Lee control solenoid valves are used in a wide range of applications that demand high-precision fluid control coupled with the highest levels of reliability and performance. 


Electro-Fluidic Systems Handbook of Health and Science Solutions

More than 300 pages of technical specifications, part numbers, installation information, and useful engineering reference material.

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