Celebrating Manufacturing Month

Manufacturing Month at The
Lee Company


The Lee Company is a proud manufacturer of miniature precision fluid control components. The company headquarters is located in Westbrook, CT and offers many career opportunities. Watch the interviews below highlighting different manufacturing positions! 


Manufacturing Careers At
The lee company

There are many career opportunities in Manufacturing. Joshua LaRosa, Tool Room Leader, and Daniel SantaMaria, Vice President of the Restrictor Product Group, discuss their 15+ years of experience and the variety of career paths available at The Lee Company. 


Project Engineers

Austin and Sabrina discuss their experience interning at The Lee Company during college and what it's like now working full-time as Project Engineers. 


Production planner

Sydney talks about her experience as a Production Planner at The Lee Company and what she enjoys most about her job.


ASsembly Test Technicians

Leidy and Cheyla discuss the responsibilities of being an Assembly Test Technician. Leidy has recently joined the Lee team and she shares what her experience has been as a new employee.



Damneum shares how he has been a Machinist at The Lee Company for five years and the variety of parts he helps produce.


Automatic Machine Operator

Karyle discusses her experience starting as a temp and being hired as a full-time Automatic Machine Operator at The Lee Company. 


Final Inspector

Casey discusses what it was like to join the manufacturing industry as a Final Inspector at The Lee Company.